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The vibrations experienced over the steering wheel, seat or floorboard when driving, especially at high speed, are the initial symptoms for imbalanced wheels. Unbalanced wheels can be caused by uneven tyre wear, striking a curb or pothole, and so on. A tyre's deterioration might result in one portion of the tyre being heavier than the others. Look no farther than our experienced team if you see any signs of unbalanced wheels. With the help of our skilled staff and advanced equipment, the best services will be implemented for your wheels.

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer's specifications. During everyday driving, the set angles of the wheels may undergo a considerable variation over time. This could be due to your car’s parts getting worn out over time (E.g., Wearing out of suspension spring), an innocent hit to a curb, an unavoidable pothole etc. Our technicians restore these angles from the initial to their final (Manufacturer’s) settings, making sure your wheels are straight in line with the vehicle and making the right contact with the road.