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You are driving to your destination, while you experience your car pulling to one side of the road. High chances are that you have a punctured tyre. Puncture can be caused due to external impact of objects such as nails, glass objects, debris, screws, bolts, sharp rocks etc. The second cause could be due to low or incorrect tyre pressure. Some signs to pick include:
• Wheels wobbling down the road while driving
• Car pulls towards the right or left direction
• Difficulty to steer
Tyre technology has been advanced significantly in recent years. Tyres are no longer made the same way they were made 20 years ago. Tyre repair standards are established by tyre manufacturers. Any type of tyre that requires repair, such as cuts, cracks, bulges, bubbles, irregular wear, sidewall damage, impact, and so on, is handled by our team. Before it's too late, our technical team will inspect it and share with you a report of the same.